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Welcome to the toget.to Short URL Services. Today there is much competition for your business. You likely recognize the need to make it simple for your customers to reach your website. The easier it is the more likely they will go to your website. This is even more crucial for potential customers.
The toget.to short URL makes it easy for you and your customers. There are less keys to punch. It is easy to remember.
For example www.toget.to/water replaces www.georgem.enagicweb.com. The first one is much easier to put on a business card or write on a napkin, right? Customers find the toget.to easy to remember and use.

You can have this Short URL service for only $12 a year. That works out to only $1 a month.
If you need a large amount of redirects email us for a quote. We may be able to offer a discount on large orders.

Currently we can accept Liberty Reserve, PayPal, or Cash (some USA bank deposits or USPS money orders).

toget.to has been providing quality short link and advertising services since 2005.

To initiate a toget.to short URL or shortlink redirect, just email me at sales @ toget.to , with your request.
Tell me what word or letters you wish to use for your redirect and the website it is going to. Include a second choice, in case your first choice is taken.
I will email you to confirm it is available and payment instructions.

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If you wish to advertise here email us at sales @ toget.to


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